The Four Stages of Blockchain Gaming
Fungible Token as a Settlement Measure of In-Game Economy
Initially, tokens were used as a way for the exchange of in-game currencies circulated in the blockchain games, represented by the BEP 20 standard of the Binance Smart Chain system.
The standard is now widely used in blockchain projects. The homogeneous assets of many projects are based on BEP 20 Standard, which is easy to exchange and more compatible with essential functions available on DApps. The holder of the asset has full control over the asset and tracks the journey of the assets circulated on different platforms through a blockchain explorer, for example, including the addresses and amount.
The key problems solved by blockchain in this stage includes:
  • Transparency of the output and circulation of in-game coins;
  • Cross-game circulation of in-game coins
  • Exchange of in-game coins for other cryptocurrencies.
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